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The Madman of Piney Woods


              The Madman of Piney Woods by Christopher Paul Curtis Even though it is now 1901, the people of Buxton, Canada (originally a settlement of runaway slaves) and Chatham, Canada are still haunted by two events of half a century before–the American Civil War, and the Irish potato famine, and the lasting damage those ... Read More »

The islands of Chaldea


              The Islands of Chaldea by Diana Wynne Jones – completed by Ursula Jones Aileen’s family of magic makers includes Aunt Beck, the most powerful magician on Skarr, but her own magic does not show itself until a mission for the King and a magical cat help her find strength and confidence.   Read More »

Space Case


              Space Case : A Moon Base Alpha Novel by Stuart Gibbs Twelve-year-old Dashiell Gibson is famous back on Earth for being one of the first humans to live on the moon. However, he is stuck inside Moon Base Alpha and totally bored. When one of the moon’s most prominent doctors turns up dead, Dash investigates. But ... Read More »

Five Kingdoms : Sky Raiders


              Five Kingdoms : Sky Raiders by Brandon Mull Whisked through a portal to the Outskirts, an in-between world, sixth-grader Cole must rescue his friends and find his way back home–before his existence is forgotten. Book 1 of the Five Kingdoms series   Read More »

Egg & Spoon


              Egg & Spoon by Gregory Maguire When she changes places with privileged Cat, Elena Rudina, a Russian peasant girl, finds herself caught up in an escapade involving an imprisoned monk, a prince traveling incognito, and the legendary witch Baba Yaga.   Read More »

Ike’s Incredible Ink


              Ike’s Incredible Ink by Brianne Farley Cleaning his room and talking to his best friend while preparing to write what he knows will be an incredible story, little Ike discovers that he is missing just the right ink to get his project underway, a need that requires extraordinary effort to fulfill.   Read More »