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The Death of Money : the coming collapse of the international monetary system / James Rickards.


“The international monetary system has collapsed three times in the past hundred years, in 1914, 1939, and 1971. Each collapse was followed by a period of tumult: war, civil unrest, or significant damage to the stability of the global economy. Now James Rickards, the acclaimed author of Currency Wars, shows why another collapse is rapidly approaching–and why this time, nothing ... Read More »

The Demographic Cliff : how to survive and prosper during the Great Deflation of 2014-2019 / Harry S. Dent, Jr..


“Bestselling author and financial guru Harry Dent shows why we’re facing a decade-long “great deflation”-and what to do about it. Throughout his long career as an economic forecaster, Harry Dent has relied on demographics-the ultimate tool for predicting both big and small trends, decades in advance. Now he explains what’s going to happen to our economy with the accelerating retirements ... Read More »