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Youth & Teen Picks

Island of Dragons


              Island of Dragons by Lisa McMann Book 7 in The Unwanteds Series Head mage Alexander Stowe and his friends successfully fended off the latest threat to their magical world of Artimé with the help of a surprise ally. But old enemies have secretly been plotting against them. Now Alex must lead his people ... Read More »

Frank Einstein and the Electro-Finger


              Frank Einstein and the Electro-Finger by Jon Scieszka : illustrated by Brian Biggs “Frank Einstein (kid-genius scientist and inventor) and his best friend, Watson, along with intelligent robots Klink and Klank once again find themselves in competition with T. Edison, their classmate and archrival–this time in the quest to unlock the power behind ... Read More »

My Near-Death Adventures


              My Near-Death Adventures (99% true!) by Alison DeCamp In 1895, twelve-year-old Stan decides to find his long-lost father in the logging camps of Michigan, documenting in his scrapbook his travels and encounters with troublesome relatives, his mother’s suitors, lumberjacks, and more. Read More »

The Octopus Scientists


            The Octopus Scientists: Exploring the Mind of a Mollusk by Sy Montgomery Looks at the work of renowned octopus scientist Jennifer Mather and a team of researchers on the island of Moorea, where they work to learn more about octopuses and their behavior.   Read More »

Good Morning Yoga


              Good Morning Yoga : A Pose-by-Pose Wake-Up Story by Mariam Gates Invites young readers to practice a morning yoga routine to jumpstart the day and shows them how to focus, relax, self-monitor, and self-soothe. Read More »

A Study in Charlotte


              A Study in Charlotte : A Charlotte Holmes Novel by Brittany Cavallaro Charlotte and Jamie are descendants of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. At first they seem destined to despise each other. But when Charlotte and Jamie are implicated in the death of a student at their Connecticut boarding school they team up ... Read More »