Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Grosse Pointe Grows Seed Library


The practice of saving seeds has been around for more than 12,000 years. Today, seed saving helps us to develop stronger seeds that are better adapted to our climate and it saves money.  Because seed saving is part of our heritage and traditions, it is one way we can come together as a community.  When we grow food, our community grows!

Grosse Pointe Grows - Seed Library


*Encouraging our community to dig in and garden

*Reconnecting our community to the traditions of growing tasty, healthy food

*Educating our community about growing, harvesting and saving seeds

*Creating a community-sustained seed collection at our library

*Nurturing a culture of sharing and abundance


Our seed collection will depend on donations, growing success, and seasonal changes. We’ll have different seeds available at different times, so please check back with us often to see what’s new.

We share seed grown by community members with love and care like our ancestors have done for thousands of years. It may not meet state germination or labeling standards.

At Grosse Pointe Grows Seed Library, we purchase most of our seed through reputable seed companies that provide non-GMO seeds. However, some of our neighbors donate seeds they have saved themselves. You will know which is which by reading the labels. We try our best to ensure the quality of our seed using best practices in inventory care and labeling. Nonetheless, seeds are alive and people using the seed library have varying degrees of skill in saving seeds. You should know that you might experience low germination rates or receive seeds that were not properly labeled. Seed donation is on a volunteer basis, and we do the best we can with the resources we have available.

If you do have any problems with the seed you get from the seed library, please let us know so we can try to fix it for future users of the library! Please email


All you need is a current GPPL library card. Seeds can be checked out just as you would check out books, DVDs or any library materials.  The barcode on the seed packet needs to be scanned by the Circulation Staff.

The seed packets contain enough seeds to grow at least five to ten plants.  You can check out up to six packets per week.  You don’t return the same seeds, so there are no due dates, and you’ll never accrue overdue fines.


Seeds are a genetic goldmine.  When we save seeds we’re passing on the genetic qualities of the plant that provided them.

Easy seeds are great for beginner gardeners who are ready to save seeds.  The perfect flowers from ‘easy’ plants’ are self-pollinating and not likely to cross-pollinate between plants.

Other seeds require special planning.  If you’re a more experienced gardener growing plants for seed saving, you’ll want to choose seeds after learning how to isolate plants to prevent cross-pollination.


Collect seeds from your healthiest or tastiest crops.  Be sure to set aside some seeds for yourself.  Place some seeds for the Seed Library in clearly labeled envelopes or containers.  Please label your envelope, jar or baggie with a donation slip that you can find at Ewald Branch. The more information that you provide, the better we can track the success of our local seed stories.

Bring your labeled seeds to the Ewald Branch and KEEP GARDENING!