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AARP: the MagazineMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
AfarMonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Air and SpaceMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

September 22, 2002 - Current
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AllureMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

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Altered CoutureQuarterly
CentralMain Reading Room2 years
AmbassadorMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
American Girl6 per yearEwaldChildren's1 year
American Girl6 per yearCentralChildren's Reading Room1 year
American Girl6 per yearWoodsYouth Room1 year
American Libraries11 per yearCentral0.001 Ref1 year
Past 5 years-
Technical Services
American Vegan QuarterlyCentral Main Reading Room2 years
AntiquesMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Antiques and Fine Art6 per yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Appleseeds9 per yearEwaldChildren's1 year
Architectural Digest MonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Architectural Digest MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room
1 year
Past 2 Years-Friends Room

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Architectural Digest MonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Art & Antiques11 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
ARTNews10 / yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
ARTNews10 / yearCentralMain Reading Room2 years
Arts and ActivitiesBi-MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room2 years
Atlantic Monthly11 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year

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AudubonQuarterlyCentralMain Reading Room2 years
Automotive QuarterlyQuarterly
out of print
CentralFriends Room1990 - 2012
Automotive NewsWeeklyWoodsMagazine Room6 months
Automotive NewsWeeklyCentralBusiness Room4 months

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BarkQuartleyEwaldChildren's Room1 year
Barron's WeeklyWoodsMagazine Room3 months
Barron's WeeklyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Barron's WeeklyCentralBusiness Room3 months
Baseball Youth6 / yearEwaldChildren's Room1 year
Beautiful KitchensMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Better Homes and GardensMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Better Homes and GardensMonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Better Homes and GardensMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Bicycling and Annual Buyers GuideMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Birds and Bloom6 / yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Birds and Blooms6 / yearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Black EnterpriseMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Bloomberg BusinessweekWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Bloomberg BusinessweekWeeklyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Bon Appétit MonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year

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Bon Appétit MonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Bon Appétit MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

February 1, 2008 - Current
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Book Review Digest (out-of-print) AnnualsCentral Friends Room1927 - 1998
Bookmarks Magazine6 / YearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
BookPageMonthlyWoodsMagazine Roomcurrent
Boys LifeMonthlyCentralChildren's Room1 year
Boys LifeMonthlyEwaldChildren's Room1 year
BritainMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
BritainBi-MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books11 / YearCentralCurrent - J Reference Desk
Last 2 Years - Technical Services
Cabot Market LetterBi-WeeklyCentralCurrent - Reference Desk8 months in Business Room
CalliopeMonthlyEwaldChildren's Room1 year
Car and DriverMonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Cat Fancy MonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Chickadee10 / yearWoodsYouth Room1 year
Christian CenturyBi-WeeklyCentralMain Reading Room3 months

December 2, 1992 - Current
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Christian Science MonitorWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room3 months

December 19, 1996 - Current
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Christian Science MonitorWeeklyWoodsMagazine Room3 months
Cicada6 / yearEwaldChildren's Room1 year
Click9 / yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Cloth, Paper, ScissorsBi-monthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Coastal Living 7 / yearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
CobblestoneMonthlyEwaldChildren's Room1 year
Coin WorldWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room3 months
Commentary11 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year

December 1, 1992 - Current
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Condé Nast TravelerMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Condé Nast TravelerMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Congressional Digest10 / YearCentralMain Reading Room
1 year
Connection (The)ArchivedCentral
Consumer ReportsMonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Consumer ReportsMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room

+ Reference R 640.73
2011 - 2016
1 year

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GenOne File database
Consumer ReportsMonthlyCentral Main Reading Room and Reference Desk1 year
Consumer Reports Buying GuideAnnualWoodsAdult Reference Desk and Magazine Roomcurrent year
Consumer Reports Buying GuideAnnualCentralReference Deskcurrent year
Consumer Reports Buying GuideAnnualEwaldReference Deskcurrent year
Consumer Reports on HealthMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room2 years
Cook's Country6 / yearCentralMain Reading Room

2 years
Cooking Light 11 / YearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Cooking Light MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room2 years
Cooks IllustratedBi-MonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Cooks IllustratedBi-MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Cottage JournalQuarterlyCentralMain Reading Room2 years
Cottages and BungalowsMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Country LifeWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Country LivingMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room2 years
Country LivingMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Crain's Book of ListsAnnualEwaldMagazine Rackcurrent
Crain's Book of ListsAnnualWoodsMagazine Roomcurrent
Crain's Book of ListsAnnualCentralRR - MeL Room3 years
Crain's DetroitWeeklyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Crain's Detroit BusinessWeeklyWoodsMagazine Room6 months
Crain's Detroit BusinessWeeklyCentralBusiness Room6 months

full text
GenOne File database
Creating KeepsakesBi-monthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Cricket9 / YearEwaldChildren's Room1 year
Cuisine at HomeBi-monthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Current BiographyAnnualsCentral Friends Room1940 - 1988
D-businessBi-monthlyCentralBusiness Room1 year
D-businessBi-monthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
der SpiegelMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Detroit Free PressDaily and SundayWoodsMagazine Room3 months
Detroit Free PressDaily and SundayCentralMain Reading Room3 months
(+ 6 mths storage
Detroit Free PressDaily and SundayEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Detroit Home4 IssuesCentralMain Reading Room2 years
Detroit Legal NewsMonday - FridayCentralMain Reading Room
3 months
(+2 mths storage
Detroit NewsDailyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Detroit NewsDailyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Detroit NewsDailyWoodsMagazine Room3 months
Detroit News IndexMonthly - Suspended 2010CentralStorage
Detroit News IndexAnnual - Suspended 2010CentralStorage1976 - 2009
Detroit Society for Genealogical Resarch QuarterlyCentralBusiness Room
+1955 - 2015 in Friends Room
Diabetic LivingQuarterlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Dig9 / YearEwaldChildren's Room1 year
Discover MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Discover MonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Discovery GirlsMonthlyWoodsYouth Room1 year
Discovery Girls6 per YearEwaldChildren's Room1 year
Disney FamilyFun10 per YearWoodsYouth Room1 year
Disney Princess8 / yearWoodsYouth Room1 year
Down BeatMonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Dwell10 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
E: Environmental Bi-MonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Early American Life 10 / yearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Early American Life10 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Eating WellBi-monthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Ebony10 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year

full text
GenOne File database
EconomistWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room and storage
1 year

January 9, 1988 - Current
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GenOne File database
EconomistWeeklyWoodsMagazine Room1 year

Elle Decor8 per YearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
English GardenBi-monthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
English HomeBi-MonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Entertainment WeeklyWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Entertainment WeeklyWeeklyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
EsquireMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

full text
GenOne File database
EssenceMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
ESPN26 per yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Every Day with Rachael Ray10 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Experience Life11 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Family Circle17 per YearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Family CircleMonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Family Fun10 / yearEwaldChildren's Room1 year
Family Fun10 / yearCentralChildren's Room1 year
Family Handyman11 / YearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Family Handyman11 / YearCentralMain Reading Room
1 year

1991-prior month
full text
GenOne File database
Family FUN Magazine7 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
FieldMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Field and StreamMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

July 1, 2003 - Current
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GenOne File database
Financial TimesWeeklyCentralBusiness Room6 months

January 4, 1999 - Current
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GenOne File database
Fine CookingBi-MonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Fine CookingBi-MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room2 years
Fine GardeningBi-MonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Fine GardeningBi-MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room2 years
Fine Homebuilding8 / yearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Fine Homebuilding8 / yearCentralMain Reading Room2 years
Fine Woodworking7 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Fine Woodworking7 / yearWoodsMagazine Room2 years
Food & WineMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Food & WineMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room2 years
Food Network MagazineIrregularCentralMain Reading Room2 years
ForbesBi-WeeklyCentralBusiness Room
6 months
Forbes + Special IssuesBi-WeeklyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
FortuneBi-WeeklyCentralBusiness Room
1 year
Fortune + April "500" issueBi-WeeklyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Fun for KidzBi-monthlyWoodsYouth Room1 year
FuturistBi-MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

full text
GenOne File database
G QMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

full text
GenOne File database
Garden and GunBi-monthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Garden Gate6 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Garden Gate6 / yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Girls LifeBi-MonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
GlamourMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year

2008 - current
GenOne File database
GlamourMonthlyEwaldMagazine Room1 year
Gluten Free LivingBi-monthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Gluten Free LivingBi-monthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Golf DigestMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

Nov. 1998-current
full text
GenOne File database
Golf DigestMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Good HousekeepingMonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Good HousekeepingMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

full text
GenOne File database
Good HousekeepingMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Grosse Pointe MagazineMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room2010-Present
Grosse Pointe NewsWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room4 months
1 yr -storage

all issues archived online historical database
Grosse Pointe NewsWeeklyEwaldMagazine Rack4 months
Grosse Pointe NewsWeeklyWoodsMagazine Room4 months
Grosse Pointe TimesWeeklyWoodsMagazine Room4 months
Grosse Pointe TimesWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room4 months
Harper'sWeeklyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Harper's BazaarMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

1999-current (45 day embargo)
full text
GenOne File database
Harper's MagazineMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

full text
GenOne File database
Harvard Business Review11 per yearCentralBusiness Room1 year

full text
GenOne File database
Health10 per yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Health10 per YearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Health10 per YearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Heritage (out-of-print) IrregularCentral12/1984 - 1/1990 - Friends Room
HGTV MagazineMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
HGTV MagazineMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Highlights for ChildrenMonthlyEwaldChildren's Room1 year
Highlights for Children11 per YearCentralChildren's Room1 year
Historical Society of Michigan Newsletter -The ChronicleQuarterlyCentralBack Room "85"
Homemade with LoveMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Horizon - Magazine of the Arts (out-of-print) CentralWinter 1971 - Mar/Apr 1989 - Friends Room
Horn Book MagazineBi-MonthlyCentralJ Reference Desk
HorticultureBi-MonthlyCentralMain Reading Roo2 years
Hour Detroit10 / yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Hour Detroit10 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Hour Detroit10 / yearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
House BeautifulMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
House Beautiful10 per YearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
House BeautifulMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

full text
GenOne File database
House and GardenMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Humanist6 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Humpty Dumpty6 per YearCentralYouth Room1 year
Humpty Dumpty6 per YearEwaldChildren's Room1 year
Humpty Dumpty6 per YearWoodsYouth Room
Iguana6 per yearWoodsYouth Room1 year
In Tune MonthlyMonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Inc.MonthlyCentralBusiness Room1 year

full text
GenOne File database
Inc. (includes Inc 500)MonthlyWoodsMagazine Room
InStyleCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Interweave CrochetQuarterlyWoodsMagazine Room
Investors Business DailyDailyWoodsMagazine Room
Investors Business DailyDailyCentralBusiness Room3 months
J -149 / yearWoodsYouth Room1 year
J -149 / yearEwaldChildren's Room1 year
Jack and Jill6 / yearEwaldChildren's Room1 year
JetMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Kids Discover9 per YearCentralChildren's Room1 year
KikiBi-MonthlyCentralChildren's Room1 year
KikiBi-MonthlyWoodsYouth Room1 year
Kiplinger's Personal FinanceMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Kiplinger's Personal FinanceMonthlyCentralBusiness Room1 year
KiwiBi-MonthlyWoodsYouth Room1 year
Knit N StyleBi-MonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Ladies' Home JournalMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Ladies' Home JournalMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Ladybug6 / yrEwaldChildren's Room1 year
Library Journal20 per YearCentral0.001 Ref
(Last 10 Years - Technical Services)
Library Journal20 per YearWoodsReference Desk / Library Office
Life (out-of-print)MonthlyCentral1962-1972 - Friends Room (Bound)
1973-78 Missing
1979-2000 Friends Room
Living Vegan4 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
LM4x Library of Michigan NewsletterQuarterlyCentral0.001 Ref / Director's Office
(Last 6 Years - Technical Services)
Look (out of print) Bi-WeeklyCentralJan 1963-Oct 1971 - Friends Room (Bound)
LuckyMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
LuckyMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Macomb DailyMonday - SundayCentralMain Reading Room1 week
(+ 7 weeks storage)
Macomb DailyDailyWoodsMagazine Room2 months
MacWorldMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Mad6 / yearEwaldYouth Room1 year
Martha Stewart Living10 / yearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Martha Stewart Living10 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Martha Stewart WeddingsQuarterlyWoodsMagazine Room2 years
Marvel Super HerosMonthlyWoodsYouth Room1 year
MaryJanes FarmBi-MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
MaximMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Mekeel's and Stamps WeeklyCentralBusiness Room4 months
Mens HealthMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Mens JournalMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Michigan Historical ReviewBi-AnnualCentralStorage
(1987 - 2013)
full text
1999 - 2010
GenOne File database
Michigan History6 / yearCentralMain Reading Room

(1961-1974 Bound, in storage)
1975 to Present
1 year

full text
GenOne File database
Michigan History6 / yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Michigan Out-of-DoorsMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Michigan SportsmanMonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Midwest LivingBi-MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Midwest Living6 per YearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Midwest LivingBi-MonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
MingleMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Model RailroaderMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Mollie MakesBi-MonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Mollie MakesMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
MoneyMonthlyCentralBusiness Room1 year
MoneyMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
MoneyLetter (Donoghue's)MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Morningstar Mutual FundsMonthlyCentralLibrary database only
Paper Issue ended 12/2012
Mother Earth LivingBi-MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Mother Earth NewsBi-MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

full text
GenOne File database
Mother JonesBi-MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

full text
GenOne File database
Motor TrendMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

full text
GenOne File database
Motor TrendMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
MotorboatingMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Muse9 / yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Mystery Scene5 / yearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
NationWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room6 months

full text
GenOne File database
National GeographicMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year

full text
GenOne File database

National GeographicMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room 1 year
1914 -2010 Bound Editions- Friends Room
National Geographic Kids10 / yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
National Geographic Kids10 / yearCentralChildren's Room1 year
National Geographic Traveler8 / yearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
National Geographic Traveler8 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
National Geographic Traveler8 / yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
National ReviewBi-WeeklyCentralMain Reading Room
1 year

GenOne file database
New MobilityMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
New MonitorWeeklyEwaldNear Circ Deskcurrent
New MonitorWeeklyWoodscurrent
New MonitorWeeklyCentralMain Reading Roomcurrent -not archived
New Moon GirlsBi-MonthlyWoodsYouth Room (Teen)1 year
New RepublicWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room
(+ 7 Months in storage)
1 year

New YorkWeeklyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
New YorkWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room
6 months

GenOne file database
New York Review of BooksMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
New York TimesDailyEwaldMagazine Rack3 months
New York TimesDaily & SundayWoodsMagazine Room3 months
New York TimesDailyCentralMain Reading Room

3 months

full text
GenOne File database
New York Times - Large TypeWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room4 months
New York Times Book ReviewWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
New York Times Book ReviewWeeklyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
New York Times Index (suspended 2010)AnnualCentral1940-2009 - Technical Services
New York Times Index (suspended 2010)QuarterlyCentralTechnical Services
New York Times MagazineWeeklyWoodsMagazine Room6 months
New York Times MagazineWeeklyEwaldMagazine Rack6 months
New York Times MagazineWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room6 months
New YorkerWeeklyWoodsMagazine Room6 months
New YorkerWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room (+3 years storage)
6 months

full text
GenOne File database

2002 - 2014
GenOne file database
Newsletter on Intellectual FreedomBi-MonthlyCentral0.001 Ref
6 months
No-Load Fund InvestorMonthlyCentralReference Deskcurrent
(+12 months-Business Room)
North Pointe (GP North HS Newspaper)WeeklyCentralMain Reading Roomcurrent
Nuts and VoltsMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
O! Oprah MagazineMonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
O! Oprah MagazineMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

2001 - 2007
GenOne file database
O! Oprah MagazineMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Odyssey9 / yearEwaldChildren's Room1 year
OK!WeeklyWoodsMagazine Room6 months
Old House Journal6 / yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Old House Journal6 / yearCentralMain Reading Room
(+3 years in storage)
1 year

2011 - current
GenOne file database
Outdoor LifeMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room2 years

1984 - current
GenOne file database
ParentsMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room
1 year
ParentsMonthlyEwaldCirc Desk
ParentsMonthlyWoodsYouth Room1 year
Paris MatchWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room3 months
Paris Review4 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
PeopleWeeklyWoodsMagazine Room6 months
PeopleWeeklyCentralReference Desk
3 months
PeopleWeeklyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Period LivingMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Period Living & Traditional HomesMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
PoetryMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Popular MechanicsMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

1996 - 2014
GenOne file database
Popular MechanicsMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Popular PhotographyMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Popular ScienceMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

1984 - 2014
GenOne file database
Popular ScienceMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
PreventionMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

1993 - current
GenOne file database
PreventionMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Progressive (The)MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

1993 - 2014
GenOne file database
Psychology TodayBi-MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

1992 - current
GenOne file database
Publishers WeeklyWeeklyCentralReference Desk
(+ 4 Years in storage)
Publishers WeeklyWeeklyWoodsLibrary Officecurrent
Ranger RickMonthlyEwaldChildren's Room1 year
Ranger RickMonthlyWoodsYouth Room1 year
Ranger RickMonthlyCentralChildren's Room1 year
Reader's Digest Large TypeMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Reader's Digest Large TypeMonthlyWoodsLarge Type Fiction Area1 year
Readers DigestMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Readers DigestMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Real Simple10 / yearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Real Simple10 / yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Real Simple10 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Reason11 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year

1993 - current
GenOne file database
RedbookMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

1996 - current
GenOne file database
Reminisce7 / yearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Road & Track MonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Road & Track MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Road ScholarIrregularWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Road ScholarIrregularCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Rolling Stone26 / yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Rolling Stone26 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Rolling Stone26 / yearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
RT - Romantic TimesMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Runner's WorldMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

2002 - current
GenOne file database

S.O.C. Communicator (Published by the Senior Information Exchange)MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
SailMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
SailingMonthlyCentalMain Reading Room1 year
SailingMonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Saturday Evening Post9 per YearCentralMain Reading Room1 year

1984 - current
GenOne file database
Saturday Evening Post6 per YearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Saveur 9 / yearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
School Library JournalMonthlyEwald1 year
School Library JournalMonthlyWoodsLibrary Office - YS
ScienceMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

1983 - 2005
GenOne file database
Scientific AmericanMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

Scientific AmericanMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Scooby-Where Are YouMonthlyWoodsYouth Room1 year
Sea HistoryQuarterlyCentralMain Reading Room2 years
Seventeen10 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year

2007 - current
GenOne file database
Seventeen10 / yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
ShapeMonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
ShopSmartMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Simple and DeliciousMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room2 years
Sky & TelescopeMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Smart Computing in Plain EnglishMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
SmartMoneyMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
SmithsonianMonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
SmithsonianMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room
1 year

1984 - current
GenOne file database
SmithsonianMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Somerset LifeQuarterlyCentralMain Reading Room2 years
Sound & VisionMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Sound & Vision10 per YearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Southern LivingMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Spider9 / yearEwaldChildren's Room1 year
Sports IllustratedWeeklyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Sports IllustratedWeeklyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Sports IllustratedWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

1977 - current
GenOne file database
Sports Illustrated for KidsMonthlyEwaldChildren's Room1 year
Sports Illustrated for KidsMonthlyCentralChildren's Room1 year
Standard & Poor's Standard Corporation DescriptionsMonthlyCentralBusiness Room - Ref.2 years
Standard and Poor's: Industry SurveysWeeklyCentralBusiness Room - Ref.Current
Standard and Poor's: OutlookWeeklyCentralBusiness Room - Ref.1 year
Standard and Poor's: Stock GuideMonthlyCentralBusiness Room - Ref.1 year
Standard and Poor's: Stock Reports10 per YearCentralBusiness Room - Ref. 332.6current
Taste of Home6 / YearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Taste of Home6 / YearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
The Street: Guide to Common StocksQuarterlyCentralBusiness Room - Ref.1 year
The Street: Guide to Life and Annuity InsurersQuarterlyCentralBusiness Room - Ref.1 year
This Old House10 / yearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
This Old House10 / yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
This Old House10 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year

full text
GenOne File database
Thomas and FriendsBi-monthlyWoodsYouth Room1 year
Threads6 / YearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Thumbprint NewsMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
TimeWeeklyWoodsMagazine Room4 months
TimeWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room
(+ 1 year in storage)
4 months

1923 - current
GenOne file database
TimeWeeklyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Tower (GP South HS Newspaper)WeeklyCentralMain Reading Room
Town & Country11 / yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Town & Country11 / yearCentralMain Reading Room
1 year

1996 - current
GenOne file database
Town & Country11 / yearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Traditional Home8 / yearCentralMain Reading Room2 years
Traditional Home8 / yearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Transworld SkateboardingMonthlyEwald1 year
Travel 50 & BeyondQuarterlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Travel and LeisureMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room2 years
TraverseMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
TreasuresMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room2 years
USA TodayMonday-FridayCentralMain Reading Room and Reference Desk
3 months
(+6 Months in storage)
USA TodayDailyEwaldMagazine Rack3 months
USA TodayDailyWoodsMagazine Room3 months
UsWeeklyWeeklyWoodsMagazine Room3 months
UsWeeklyWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room3 months
UtneBi-MonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Value LineWeeklyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Value Line Expanded Service WeeklyWoodsMagazine Room and Adult Reference Desk1 year
Value Line IndexWeeklyWoodsAdult Reference Desk1 year
Value Line Investment SurveyWeeklyCentralReference Desk
1 year
Value Line Small & Mid CapWeeklyCentralReference Desk
1 year
Vanity FairMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room
1 year

2003 - current
GenOne file databasear
Vanity FairMonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Vanity FairMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room
Vegan QuarterlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Vegetarian LivingMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Vegetarian Times9 / yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Vegetarian Times9 / yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
VictoriaBi-MonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Visit Detroit4 / yearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
VogueMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
VogueMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

2004 - 2014
GenOne file database
Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)Bi-MonthlyWoodsLibrary Office - YS
WMonthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

1999 - 2014
GenOne file database
WMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Wall Street JournalMonday-FridayCentralBusiness Room
(+6 Months in storage)
1990-2008 - Microfilm)
3 months
Wall Street JournalDailyWoodsMagazine Room
Wall Street Journal - Any EditionDaily Ewald
Wall Street Journal IndexMonthlyCentral1976-2009 in storage
Wall Street Journal Weekend EditionWeeklyEwald
Washington ReportMonthlyEwald
the WeekWeeklyCentralMain Reading Room3 months
WebMD8 per yearCentralMain Reading Room2 years
Where to RetireBi-MonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
WiredMonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
WiredMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Woman's Day15 per yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
Woman's Day15 per yearCentralMain Reading Room1 year
Working MotherMonthlyEwaldMagazine Rack1 year

full text
GenOne File database
Working MotherMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year

full text
GenOne File database
WriterMonthlyWoodsMagazine Room1 year

1993- 2012
full text
GenOne File database
WSJ Magazine10 / yearCentralMain Reading Rooom1 year
WSJ Magazine10 / yearEwaldMagazine Rack1 year
WWE KidsMonthlyWoodsYouth Room (Teen)1 year
Yoga Journal9 / yearWoodsMagazine Room1 year
Young Rider6 / yearEwaldChildren's Room1 year
Your BackyardMonthlyWoodsYouth Room1 year
ZooBooks10 / yearEwaldChildren's Room1 year
YankeeBi-monthlyCentralMain Reading Room1 year

2010 - current
GenOne file database
ZooBooks10 / yearWoodsYouth Room1 year