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Look Alive Out There by Sloane Crosley

Look Alive Out There: Essays by Sloane Crosley

A true humorist, Crosley brings to her writing just the kind of openness required to fly across the country for a heart-to-heart with her mom’s former-porn-star cousin, or climb a South American volcano with her preparedness meter hovering somewhere around zero. A remote writing retreat is as creatively fruitful as she hoped it would be, and full of more stoner swingers than she ever expected. She takes an assignment to investigate chupacabra sightings in Vermont but meets a stupefying creature called Chartreuse instead. Laugh-out-loud funny seems too trite a phrase for a writer whose takes are so addictively original and unexpected, but it’s also true: dear readers, you will laugh. Whether 2 or 20 pages in length, Crosley’s essays are complete and stop-you-in-your-tracks clever; and whether readers have considered freezing their eggs or not, have or haven’t paid top dollar to wrestle their personal websites back from an overseas opportunist, they’ll settle right in. – Booklist

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